About Me

[pic upper right, wrap] First and foremost, I'm an IT Professional based out of Fort Collins, CO. Fort Collins, population of around 130k, is the fourth largest city in Colorado, it has been named the #1 place to live in the US in various publications over the past 10 years. Here, we specialize in Bikes & Beer; we're a Platinum Bicycle Friendly Community and have at least 13 micro breweries within city limits (including several cideres, meaderies, and a distillery). What can I say? We like our brews.

Actually About Me

I've been slinging IT, in its various forms, since the late 90's. After a brief stint at Colorado State University, I dropped out to autodidact my profession. I crawled up the corporate ladder from developer, to IT lackey, to manager, director, and finally dipped my toes into the responsibilities of the C-Suite (CTO/CIO/CISO). I specialize in general IT (read: everything). From LAN to WAN, from WiFi to Telecom. From desktop support, to data center colocated private virtualization clusters and SANs. The key phrase here is, deep domain expertise. The mid-sized enterprise arena has been my focus for the past 13 years, but my skill set segways quite nicely into large-scale enterprise environments. Special Bonus: I can code!

I need to innovate

I need to create t'awesome!!! I am a one-person think tank with intellectual & technological resources stretching into the wilds of the greater Internet.

Are you awesome???

If you're an individual, a startup, or a multi-national conglomerate, and you're interested in the things I can do, shoot me a line. Sell yourself or organization to me, if I'm interested, I will in turn, sell myself to you. I don't come cheap. I will illustrate what value I can bring your bottom line. Tell me what you want to do and I will tell you what I can do for you. I am an INTJ (Mastermind), lateral-divergent thinker, I will overload you with options beyond your wildest imagination. I create worlds.

Some of the more prominent technologies I've played with